Company Profile

New Depot Photo EditMackay Transit Coaches operates school, urban route, mine transfer and charter/tour services. Serving the Mackay Region’s transport needs for over 40 years, Mackay Transit Coaches has grown to one of the most trusted and professional services in Queensland. Safety and superior customer service are our top priorities, which is why Mackay Transit Coaches continues to upgrade its facilities and services to ensure the ultimate in comfort, safety and value for our passengers.

Mackay Transit Coaches vehicles are the latest in road transport engineering and design, equipped with state of the art vehicle technology and crafted for comfort, durability and efficiency. With a fleet of over 70 vehicles ranging from 11 to 61 seats, Mackay Transit Coaches can provide a vehicle to service all mining and charter requirements.

Mission Statement

MTC seeks to:

  • Be a market leader in the provision of transportation services to our clients.
  • Operate in a professional manner.
  • Manage an up-to-date and well-maintained fleet of vehicles.
  • Employ people who are committed to the goals of the organisation.
  • Value customer satisfaction and ensure their expectations are exceeded.

Mackay Transit Coaches aims to provide a superior bus and coach operation through the development of technology and staff training, resulting in a professional and experienced service to our customers.


Working closely with Daewoo Chiron Commercial Vehicles, ensures quality vehicles are being regularly added to our fleet. These vehicles are being custom made to suit the demand and work they will carry out over their life. Our Daewoo Coaches are fitted with the latest technologies to keep up with the ever changing market. The general appearance of Daewoo Coaches is a streamline, smooth modern finish. The livery on our Coaches consists of White sides with MTC logo, centred on both sides, small MTC logo front, centre under Daewoo badge, and Large MTC logo top across back.

Daewoo Chiron have been supportive of Mackay Transit Coaches, we look forward to expanding our fleet as we continue grow.